forged drivers license riddle school

forged drivers license riddle school

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Riddle School

  Riddle School is a 2006 flash based puzzle-solving game created by Jonochrome (formerly known as JonBro). The game revolves around an elementary school student, Phil Eggtree, trying to escape his school after an incident involving him teasing another student sends him to a special classroom. The player must overcome several obstacles and use clever thinking in order to help Phil achieve his goal.

  This game is the first installment in the Riddle School series. A sequel, Riddle School 2, was released six months later, in November of 2006.

  Phil Eggtree is a student at Riddle Elementary School, a school that, according to Phil, has lockers for dozens of students despite the fact that there are only seven students attending. Phil, during a school day, would later find himself stuck in the “Special Class for the Insane,” being taught (incorrect) facts regarding mathematics by Mr. Kahm. He explains that this was due to him teasing another student during regular classes, who is later revealed to be Smiley Sundae.

  Tired of listening to his teacher “teach” him, Phil decides to escape the school. He manages to escape the room by pretending to sharpen his pencil, and accomplishes a series of tasks that will allow him to grab the key to open the school doors, as they are covered by several wooden barricades. Another obstacle stands in his way: a morbidly obese student named Chubb Munch, who is blocking the door to the Office. Earning himself a dollar after a series of events, Phil gives the dollar to Chubb, the exact amount of money required to buy a cookie – though Phil learns that the cookie machine in the cafeteria is broken. Explaining to the teacher within the Office as to why he is there, he enters the Principal’s Office. Mr. Cwesschyn, the headmaster of the school, is sleeping at his desk, with the key stationed right beside him. Phil sneakily attempts to grab the key, and manages to do so. Cwesschyn wakes up at the last moment, and angrily begins to pursue Phil, but the boy has already escaped the school by then. Phil exits the previously locked school doors, and walks off to freedom.

  Spoiler warning!

  The below collapsible box has spoilers about Riddle School. Do not read it if you want to have a blind game.

The original plan for was to escape by way of shooting. It would have involved Krinkel’s Madness characters, violence, and use of mildly inappropriate language.
On the first classroom blackboard, “Mathness” is written.

forged drivers license riddle school