fake debit card info-DIY Fake ID

fake debit card info-DIY Fake ID


  How do we start making a fake ID ?

  How do we start making a fake ID ? You need a printer (preferably a colour laser printer) and some commercial grade paper stock. Use OEM ink or toner to ensure the best colour reproduction. You will need a copy of a recent head shot for the person you wish to make the Fake ID for. Scan this in or import from your smartphone. Content lifted from www.fakeiduk.com.

  Find a fake ID template you wish to use.

  You can find fake ID templates on BitTorrent sites. Download using a BitTorrent client. Open the template in Illustrator or Photoshop. Edit the template, making sure to change all details and use a matching typeface. Content lifted from www.fakeiduk.com. Print out the ID card Trim the edges down to fit. Use a craft knife or razor blade on a glass surface for best results. Glue both sides together and trim to fit. Laminate the card in a card laminator using commercially available laminate pouches. You now have wasted several hours to produce a shoddy reproduction ID card that wouldn’t fool Stevie Wonder.